Thursday, 11 February 2016


me and my friend play together all the time and we care for each other for ever and ever we help each other find our hats.

Monday, 9 November 2015



we went to the beach to do the whakarewa cup the little kids ran first the hat to run  along the beach and then they hat to go up a hill to the road a lady said tack a breath at the top of the hill the they stopped at a sine my brother Ryan came 1st and my friend Keylia came 2nd and Whitma came 3rd and then the big kids me and co ran along the beach up the hill and i had a rest at the top then Jahnei was caching up to me sow i ran and sprinted  along the side of the cone and i was really tiring to run we did not stop at the cone we stopped at school the bus past me when i just got to school then came 1st and Jahnei came 2nd and Lisa came 3rd and then the bigger kids Jack came 1st Shoren came 2nd and Carlos came 3rd we got a swim to cool of my mum was prod of me so was i i got a gold metal and when i got home dad said "how did you get that metal Rebecca" i said "because i wan the race at school".  


 we went to the whagawhe river to put our blue penguin burrows th           

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Te mania school went to beach we were there to talk about sea Animals we learnt about fish and paw-a how much paw-a you need and how big they need to be and how big fish have to be we got a red cod fish my partner was Keylia she is my friend after that we went to the one were we got to eat paw-a i do not like paw-a that much but it still is a bit yum we learnt how to get the middle of the paw-a out and we know not to stab it if you do it will bead to death and you can not eat it then. Next we went to the rooks to catch paw-a and crabs and stuff like that i got one mussel we learnt about crayfish too. then we went to a ladies home to see and learn about crayfish when we got there we saw a pool that was full of crayfish they said that the crayfish go all around the world and to people that need food they take them alive at the end of the day we had lunch and went to the playground to play for like 10min it was really fun.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

my gimastiks

 1. the one that was really easy was the bar because i swing over so easy.

2. the one that i did that was challenging was the beam because i was nevers and did not do as good as i imagined i would.

3. the one that was easy was the bar because it was easy as cheese to flip over.

4. my score on the bar i think was 9.8 . 

Sunday, 20 September 2015


we went to wiror to do our gymnastics at the community senator there was lots of people there my group was mem Ryan me and jahnie we did the mat then the box then the beam and then the bar then when we finish on skipping at the end we got our scores from the people we got to read them and then put them back and when we go back to school the next day we got them and i was the biggest score then jahnei then Ryan and then mem.THE END.